ZEX's Jo Capitalicide Claims He Filed a Defamation Lawsuit Against Magic Bullet Records

The band were dropped by the label amid sexual assault allegations against the guitarist
ZEX's Jo Capitalicide Claims He Filed a Defamation Lawsuit Against Magic Bullet Records
After being thrust into the limelight late last month thanks to a Beyoncé vinyl mispress, Ottawa punk outfit ZEX were dropped by Magic Bullet Records in the wake of sexual assault allegations against band member Jo Capitalicide. Now, the guitarist has launched a defamation suit against the label.

As Billboard reports, Capitalicide (a.k.a. Johan Galipeau) filed the suit today (October 4). Magic Bullet had claimed the band were dropped due to "recent and ongoing accounts of alleged sexual assault" involving Capitalicide and ensuing "routine boycotts" by promoters, venues and record stores.

UPDATE (10/5, 5:16 p.m. EDT): Bassist Gab Hole and drummer Mark Useless have informed Exclaim! that they are no longer members of ZEX.

"In light of ongoing and recent accounts of alleged sexual assault tied to ZEX guitarist Jo Capitalcide... Magic Bullet Records is hereby dropping ZEX from its roster of artists, effective immediately," a now-deleted statement from the label read.

Magic Bullet also cited first-hand information from singer Gretchen Steel about Capitalcide's behaviour in their open relationship.

"Concerning the allegations of sexual assault on women made by our ex record label, Magic Bullet Records, I denounce them as false and have undertaken a defamation lawsuit this week for spreading false information about me and ZEX," Capitalicide told Billboard in an email. "There are no charges laid on me."

UPDATE (10/13, 2:30 p.m. EDT): According to Magic Bullet Records, Capitalicide's statement that he has filed a lawsuit against the label is false.

Capitalcide declined Billboard's request to be interviewed further. No further information on the lawsuit has been revealed at this time.