Zeus Sounds Like Zeus

ZeusSounds Like Zeus
One of the sunniest additions to the Arts & Crafts roster, Zeus are clearly old school rock'n'roll fans but they exhibit their devotion refreshingly. One of the best live acts around, the Toronto, ON quartet have cut their teeth solo and as Jason Collett's backing band. Left to their own devices, they're clearly students of Brit rock masters and their theatrical, dynamic musical flourishes. "How Does it Feel" might just be a Kinks outtake, while "Marching Through Your Head" is a strong contender for pop song of the year. The band strike down upon this McCartney & Wings-style tune with earnest authority, and it's just catchy as all get-out, while an unlikely cover of Genesis's "That's All" finds the band infusing the song with guts it never had. As mighty as their namesake, Zeus are a band on the rise. (Arts & Crafts)