Zeus Busting Visions

ZeusBusting Visions
The sophomore album from Toronto, ON's Zeus, Busting Visions opens with "Are You Gonna Waste My Time?" It's the question every music fans throws at the follow-up to a beloved debut. Here the album replies, 14 straight times, with a resounding "No!" One of the most economical classic rock-reviving bands, Zeus avoid indulgent jamming, filler material or ill-advised experiments. Just 14 blissful tunes, rich with influences – a little Supertramp here ("Stop the Train"), a little Hollies there (album highlight "With Eyes Closed") – from corners of rock radio not yet overplayed. It's become easier to recognize a particular "Zeus sound," a positive step for a band with three distinct songwriters. Every track features beautiful vocal harmonies, performances both unpredictable and restrained (it takes a few listens to realize what excellent musicians these guys are), and insightful, even funny lyrics. Amongst their peers, at least Zeus stand apart. But for all the obvious rewards that mature, restrained Zeus sound can be frustrating. Listeners might find themselves wishing the band would, for lack of a better term, "rock out" more often, let themselves loose in a way their idols were known to do. Within the pleasant intimacy of headphones or a mid-sized venue, Busting Visions is effective, but if your emotional state is going north or south of "content," you could be left wishing there was more fuel in their fire. (Arts & Crafts)