The Zenker Brothers


The Zenker BrothersImmersion
The Zenker Brothers are, as one might expect, two brothers that share both a last name and a penchant for making snappy house and techno. Despite having run their well regarded Ilian Tape outfit together for some time, they have only recently begun collaborating in their productions. Their first full-length effort marks a notably darker turn compared to the relatively light-hearted sonic pastures the Zenkers have pursued both through their label and in their respective solo discographies.
However, texture is not all that distinguishes Immersion from previous exploits. A pleasantly jarring and almost off-time swing makes up well for the apparent tempering of the duo's characteristic rhythmic weight. It is, however, the progressive sweep of their well thought out tracks and restrained shimmering textures that ultimately define Immersion's new direction. Even the straight-laced thump of "High Club" is inevitably neutralized by the dignified and detailed decline towards the album's end. 
The rougher edges the Zenker Brothers explore settle in comfortably with the album's methodical rises and falls. On Immersion, the distant rhythmic euphoria of their previous solo releases has been washed into an uncharacteristic but undoubtedly intriguing exploration of distorted grey scale house music. (Ilian Tape)
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