Zeke Dirty Sanchez

On Dirty Sanchez, Seattle's Zeke continue their bad-ass assault of short, fast, Motörhead meets Blood Guts and Pussy-era Dwarves heaviness. With 15 songs in 21 minutes, it's "shit-or-get-off-the-pot" time once again for punk fans world-wide. The song themes are basic and direct, with "Drunk" simply being about getting plastered and fighting at Seattle's Off Ramp club and "Let's Get Drugs" being, you guessed it, about acquiring and using intoxicating substances. Also of note are the blazing "Punk Rock Records," "Fucked Up City" and the catchy "Out of Love." There's also a hidden bonus track, which is a ultra-raw cover of the Heart song "Rhiannon." With their strangled sounding vocals, the machine-like tightness of their guitars and drums, Zeke have set themselves from the pack through sheer sweat and desperation. (Epitaph)