Zayn "Pillowtalk" (Tyler, the Creator remix) (video)

Zayn "Pillowtalk" (Tyler, the Creator remix) (video)
Have you been loving former 1D dude Zayn's sultry, R&B-modelled solo album? Well, you and Tyler, the Creator have something in common, as he's just sent out a new remix of the record's "Pillowtalk."

Tyler announced the remix today (June 21) through his Twitter account, and it bumps a little faster than the Mind of Mine original. It's a fitting direction for the Creator, coming equipped with smoothed-out soul chimes, summer sunset textures and more.

Even more fitting is the makeshift video for the remix, which finds Tyler dancing around his room like a goofball.

It's noted in a tweet that the remix is "not mixed or anything," and had sat on the producer/rapper's laptop for a while. You can check out both the rough remix and video down below.

If you were wondering whether you'd ever get to hear a real-deal dream team collaboration between Tyler, the Creator and Zayn, it's not entirely impossible. According to the Creator, the wheels had previously been set in motion, though he also explained why the partnership has thus far been unfruitful.