Yuppie Pricks Broker's Banquet

Sure their gimmick is a little odd — using the excessive aesthetic from the vacant ’80s world of low morality, high finance trading so brilliantly portrayed in Brett Easton Ellis’s American Psycho as a backdrop for their alleged millionaire status — but the less than subtle irony of the band’s shtick is more than made up for by their music. Like Gwar goes Wall Street, TYP’s faux bio suggests the band members are all independently wealthy and sing all about the good life. In reality they are four knuckleheads from Austin, Texas who sold Alternative Tentacles honcho Jello Biafra with their Dead Kennedy’s meets the Stooges brand of garage punk. On their debut, the gimmick works well but you’ve got to wonder how many more albums they can milk from it. Then again maybe once is enough. (Alternative Tentacles)