Yuppie Flu The Boat EP

Yuppie Flu are a five-piece band that has been releasing records in their native Italy since 1997, although they are only now beginning to find favour elsewhere. On their last trip to the UK, for instance, they made fans of many people, including ex-Creation head honcho Alan McGee. There have even been comparisons to the likes of Mercury Rev and tours with Fuck and Will Oldham have also helped their case. This EP finds the band shying even further away from a psychedelic sound and playing around more with an electronic one. The five songs show this to varying degrees - "Kids Up A House Tree" is rife with blips and bleeps, "Boat Or Swim" is driven along by an acoustic strum and a drum machine while "Order The Player Off The Field" is pretty much guitars and not much else. The whole EP has a nice, lazy feel and if they can manage to sustain such quality over their forthcoming album, it will just be a matter of time before another continent falls to a bad case of Yuppie Flu. (Homesleep)