Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One Will be Bett

For fuck’s sake, why do bands that ply their trade in the quiet/loud dynamic come up with such titles? Maybe the fact that there’s no fun in any of the songs here means they’re not held to the "brevity is the soul of wit” idea. Looking beyond the ridiculous title, this Oxford, UK band sure do live up to the youth part of their band name. What a surprise, more angry teens who believe the moon rises and sets with Mogwai and GY!BE. Despite the context of the band’s influences, the music here actually does its job quite well. When it’s loud, the swells and exclamations are tight and during the quieter moments it jitters along with the requisite amount of tension. Why, their off-beat reliance even brings to mind the Mars Volta on occasion. The problem, though, is that the music is slave to an obvious idea of self-importance. These guys think they’re shredding away at the mediocrity of music, all the while fulfilling many of its clichés. Just glancing at the artwork, name and disc title you could hazard a guess they’re loud, the songs are long and they might have a vague political agenda. The scary part? You’d be correct. (Fierce Panda)