Your Memorial Redirect

Redirect, the newest album by Your Memorial, is chalk full of the djent sound ― a processed, syncopated, staccato chug that's taken the metal world by storm. However, unlike most djent bands, Your Memorial are able to forget about the absurd technicality associated with the genre long enough to remember what's really important: songs. That's not to say the djentlemen in Your Memorial aren't proficient. "Eternity," "Change the World" and "Redirect" exhibit precision they belies any claims of amateurism, but they manage to avoid technicality for the sake of. Also of note are the vocals (both the screams and singing), which bypass the airy quality seemingly inherent in the genre for a deeper growl and fuller singing, respectively. The three instrumental tracks, in sharp contrast to the majority of interludes, are a welcome inclusion, taking the mood set during the melodic singing parts and sending it soaring into the stratosphere. Though portions of Redirect get lost in the chug, Your Memorial are intellidjent enough to mix it up. And for that, Redirect deserves at least a listen. (Facedown)