Your Favorite Horse I Would Close My Eyes But All I See Is The Massacre

I Would Close My Eyes... is a surprise acoustic psych-folk release from avant-electronic/IDM/abstract label Pie Head. Your Favorite Horse has done indie rock projects in the past, but has focused on electronic music in the last few years. This release features plenty of atmospheric acoustic strumming in eighth notes with deep vocals and lyrics that appear to have an early '70s Bowie influence but tend towards a darker and more cryptic mood. Conversely, tracks like "CM," "Orange," "Peniel" and "Punk" depict Your Favorite Horse's penchant for abstract electronics, but the acoustic songs overshadow these pieces, making them seem transitory. "Death Wears an Umbilical Chord" and "Egg" are where mechanical noise and folk-guitar strumming are merged in a tasteful way that complements each other. The latter though does seem to have a Guided by Voices feel to it and also happens to be one of the more accomplished songs on this fine album. I Would Close My Eyes... is a good digression for Pie Head Records, perhaps the label runners ought to consider releasing more of these varied sounds. (Pie Head)