Young Livers Of Misery and Toil

Encompassing what has been dubbed the Gainesville, FL sound, Young Livers deliver brash guitar riffs, blasting drums and throaty, but melodic vocals, sharing a lot more with hometown predecessors Hot Water Music and Against Me! than just unkempt appearances. In the vein of Fugazi, the unconventionally punishing rhythms mesh amply with the barrage of guitars and rowdy gang vocals, most notably on "All the Wretched" and "In Rapid Succession," while the title track stands as the album's strongest, with its powerful chorus and vigorous back-ups akin to punk veterans Leatherface during their Mush period. Of Misery and Toil is a solid, progressive effort laden with infectious hooks and raw harmonies that only intensify these desirously penned songs. (No Idea)