Young and in the Way / Withdrawal Split

Young and in the Way / WithdrawalSplit
This seven-inch is balanced on a precipice between black metal and crusty hardcore. On one side, you have Young and in the Way, who tip the scale so far towards black metal that you're surprised it hasn't broken. Their material follows in the same vein and high quality nature as their excellent January-released split with Moral Void. In fact, those familiar with that effort have a pretty good idea of the dichotomy of the other side of this split. Withdrawal, like Moral Void, are more heavily on the hardcore side, with a black metal influence coming through more in general feeling than stylistic adherence. Here, the Winnipeg, MB group's hardcore influence is actually more pronounced than that of their b-side brethren, which only widens the gulf between the two acts and makes for a more interesting split. Now, if only we could get some longer releases from each. (A389)