Young Guv Yellowhead Brewery, Edmonton AB, October 12

Young GuvYellowhead Brewery, Edmonton AB, October 12
At first, the only things that seemed wrong were a late start and venue lights that refused to go down no matter how many times Young Guv (aka Ben Cook) and gang asked for them. Nobody wants to wait for a band going on a half an hour after their expected start time, so there was a dwindling crowd when Young Guv took the stage and venue.

It was a shame this compounded the sight of seeing one of Toronto's kickass power pop exports, because when things were good, the band were on it. They played some new material that were in tune with their British Invasion meets the twee '80s sensibilities, and even the drum machine couldn't hold back their infectious charm. Yet a half hour's set containing less than a handful of songs, and a confusing series of sampled interludes, was all the crowd got. Cook thanked the crowd for witnessing "a Young Guv experience," leaving people to wonder what could have been, had the circumstances been just right.