Young Governor Drops Limited Cassette Retrospective

Young Governor Drops Limited Cassette Retrospective
Aside from his work as guitarist for Fucked Up and formerly as the singer for burly Toronto hardcore institution No Warning, Ben Cook has been exploring his garage-y pop side with Young Governor. While the constantly evolving project has produced a lot of singles, many of them are now out-of-print. Now, however, his first three EPs have been collected on a cassette.

Unfortunately, this release is limited to 150 copies, so if you want one for yourself you'd be best to stop reading now and go here and make your order via Hosehead Records.

The cassette compiles three seven-inch EPs on the first side, with a live performance taken from a boat during NXNE 2011 on the flip.

The tracklisting is available below, with the album art above.

Thanks to CBC Radio 3 for the tip.

The First 3 / Live on a Boat:

Side A:

1. "Virginia Creeper"/"I'm A Mess"

2. "English Tim"/"Fade Away"

3. "Call Me When The Cat Dies"/"Heart Of A Harem"

Side B:

1. "Firing Squad"

2. "Virginia Creeper"

3. "Cindy's Gonna Save Me"

4. "Bedtime Stories"

5. "Summer Girl"

6. "The Beat Of My Heart"

7. "Call Me when The Cat Dies"