Young Governor "Bedtime Stories" (video)

Young Governor "Bedtime Stories" (video)
While he has his fingers in an endless mountain of projects, there's no question that talented multi-instrumentalist Ben Cook will eventually make Young Governor his main project. Sure, Fucked Up are knee deep in a rock opera that will likely have them busy for some time, but Cook continues to pour his energy into the Young Guv project. His latest endeavour is a creepy music video for "Bedtime Stories."

 Unlike Young Guv's snappier, poppier numbers ("Virginia Creeper," "Call Me When the Cat Dies"), "Bedtime Stories" is a long, drawn-out fuzz pop song that could just as easily have fit with his work in the Bitters or the Roommates. Clocking in at over five minutes, the video is suitably unnerving, with images of Toronto juxtaposed with eerie cartoons, a girl's legs and Cook singing along from a leopard-print bed.

 In the end, the only thing missing from this clip is an appearance from the Jonas Brothers. Why couldn't Cook have called up his buds at Camp Rock 2?

Check out the "Bedtime Stories" video, directed by Dona Arbabzadeh, below.

"Bedtime Stories" by Young Governor (video: Dona Arbabzadeh) from Dona Arbabzadeh on Vimeo.