Young Braised Returns with 'Northern Reflections' for 1080p

Young Braised Returns with 'Northern Reflections' for 1080p
Vancouver's self-described "post-swag" hip-hop guru Young Braised (a.k.a. Jaymes Bowman) released his groundbreaking Japanese Tendencies last year. Since then, aside from an appearance on the Courtneys' "Mars Attacks" single, he's been relatively quiet on the recorded front. Fortunately, he'll treat us to a new offering before year's end.

The latest release from Young Braised is called Northern Reflections. While the title seems to be a nod to your mom's favourite fleeced-out women's wear store, the seven-song record also sees the rapper discuss life in the Pacific Northwest.

The release features production from Karmelloz and a i r s p o r t s, and a press release explains that, while there are similarities to Japanese Tendencies, the release is an expansion in both theme and sound:

Exploring notions of masculinity, complicity, and food, navigating landscapes against Vancouver's glassy skyline and neighbouring mountain ranges, Braised's (real name Jaymes Bowman) quietly existential musings come paired with submerged textures and vaporized synth drifts.

Northern Reflections will be released digitally and on a limited, 36-minute cassette tape on December 25 via 1080p. Stay tuned for samples of the release as they become available.

Northern Reflections:

1. Entertainment
2. Vision
3. Casserole
4. Sprained Ankle
5. Canada's Economic Action Plan
6. Meditation
7. Middle Class Homie Quan
8. Daydrift