You'll Never Get to Heaven

Fort Massey United Church, Halifax NS, May 23

You'll Never Get to HeavenFort Massey United Church, Halifax NS, May 23
Photo: Eric Hill
Halifax ex-pats Alice Hansen and Chuck Blazevic returned home, bringing along a warm and dreamy set of sample-driven electro-pop for a chilly May evening. Blazevic, who will also perform solo as Dreamsploitation at the festival, dressed up his springy midtempo rhythms with mildly noise infected swathes of sound, unprettying things enough to make them really interesting.
Hansen, meanwhile, provided keyboard melody while delivering reverb-drenched vocals into the heart of the mix. They played along to layered visuals, also fractured and obscured by snow globe drifts of particles, projected over the church's massive organ flues. There were a few initial track-to-track leaps that were a little abrupt, but soon Blazevic found a flow that used granular, interstitial moments to mask transitions. It was a musical experience that brought a strange kind of intimacy to a room scaled to dwarf anything of the sort.
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