You See Me Laughin': The Last Of The Hill Country Bluesmen

The DVD release of this already classic 2001 documentary on Fat Possum Records and its core artists couldn't come at a better time, both for the label — currently trying to reenergise its image — and simply because it won't be much longer before all of the artists represented in the film have passed away. Of course, the two main figures are the late Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside, who while superficially may seem cut from similar cloth, come off as two radically different personalities. Insightful interviews with Iggy Pop, Jon Spencer and others certainly help to distinguish them, but the film also pays tribute to the lesser known T-Model Ford, Cedell Davis, Asie Payton, and Johnny Farmer. All of whom represent the unique perspective of Mississippi Delta musicians raised on violence and mistrust, but above all, turning it all into a good time for everybody. (Fat Possum,