You Me At Six Get North American Release Thanks to Epitaph

You Me At Six Get North American Release Thanks to Epitaph
Talk about your easy ways of getting a new band off the ground. In a slick move - hey, that's what big business is all about - punk outfit Epitaph Records has decided to re-release a band's debut effort in North America, as opposed to forking out all of that dough to get them into a studio, likely recording something that's about as appealing as a fart in a car. Because it was rushed, not because they like, suck or something.

We're talking about British pop punk sensations You Me At Six and their effort Take Off Your Colours. See, while You Me At Six are virtually unknown on these shores, said effort actually climbed to No. 25 on British charts. All the more reason to issue it over here. No doubt original label Slam Dunk Records got a pretty penny out of that deal.

For your information, You Me At Six are but a pup band, having formed in the late moments of 2004. Still, the quintet have issued an impressive amount of material: two EPs, six singles and Take Off Your Colours.

The album will hit store shelves on July 21 and of course, it will be tweaked to give us something the Limeys didn't get. We'll be privy to bonus tracks not on the 2008 UK release, namely "Finders Keepers," "Sweet Feet" and "All Your Fault," as well as acoustic versions of "Save It For The Bedroom" and "Finders Keepers" yet again. Gee, that song must be great if it's on there twice. At present, there is no word on when the band's sophomore effort will be out.

Take Off Your Colours tracks:

1. "The Truth Is A Terrible Thing"
2. "Gossip"
3. "Finders Keepers"
4. "Call That A Comeback"
5. "Jealous Minds Think Alike"
6. "Save It For The Bedroom"
7. "Take Off Your Colours"
8. "You've Made Your Bed"
9. "If You Run"
10. "Tigers And Sharks"
11. "If I Were In Your Shoes"
12. "Always Attract"
13. "Nasty Habits"
14. "The Rumour"
15. "Sweet Feet"
16. "All Your Fault"
17. "Blue Eyes Don't Lie"
18. "Save It For The Bedroom (acoustic)"
19. "Finders Keepers (acoustic)"