"You Hear Colours"

 "You Hear Colours"
Last fall, I featured Montreal's rising star CFCF (aka Mike Silver) and his B-side, "Invitation to Love," which colourfully cut up Alan Parsons Project's "Voyager." Normally I wouldn't do a follow-up on the A-side but man, has he done a nice job with the video for "You Hear Colours." Actually, the promo was done by a dude named Tommyboy, a video editor/VJ/DJ from Dallas, TX. If you dissect what he's done, it might seem a bit simple but by combining an extended scene of Tom Courtenay on a jog from Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, as well as snippets from NASA and National Geographic, with some subtle 3D nuances, the director has perfectly matched the Balearic sublimity of CFCF's track.

Recently released on seven-inch in a quantity of only 500, according to label Acephale, "the single is almost sold out, with around 20 copies left in our hands and more scattered around the globe in only the best record stores." So don't hesitate: go track one of these down. This kid's records are gonna be all over eBay once his debut LP drops.

And in case you haven't already, go buy yourself a copy of Panesian Nights, his recent EP.

To be nice, I've also included an MP3 of the single, which you can grab by right-clicking here.

CFCF - You Hear Colours from tommy boy on Vimeo.