You Can Sing Karaoke with Hologram Rob Thomas This Summer

You Can Sing Karaoke with Hologram Rob Thomas This Summer
Touring artists selling VIP packages for performances is commonplace these days, but Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas is upping the ante through giving his most dedicated audience members the first interactive hologram karaoke fan experience.

Teaming up with Los Angeles-based social augmented reality company VNTANA, the hologram will go on the road with Thomas during his co-headlining summer tour with Counting Crows, allowing fans that purchase the VIP ticket package to perform a hologram duet with the singer.

VIP ticketholders will stand in front of VNTANA's custom display, and will see a hologram of themselves next to Thomas's glowing figure. As they both appear, Thomas's hologram (which the company describes as "charismatic") will invite them to sing a duet. After the performance is done, fans will receive a video that they can immediately share on social media.

Those stepping to the mic can choose between Thomas's new single "Pieces," "One Shot" and "This Is How a Heart Breaks." Sadly, Santana's "Smooth" isn't an option.

"Futuristic Karaoke! I always love to experiment with new technology and this is like nothing I've ever seen before," Thomas said in a statement. "It's going to be very cool and I'm excited for the fans to check it out."

You can watch a video of how the hologram karaoke will play out below.