You Can Now Watch YouTube with Snoop Dogg Using "Snoopavision"

You Can Now Watch YouTube with Snoop Dogg Using "Snoopavision"
When it comes to April Fool's Day on the internet, jokes can range from funny and clever to downright awful. One of today's better gags comes from YouTube, which has announced a partnership with Snoop Dogg to launch a new video viewing mode.

The Doggfather is the mastermind behind "Snoopavision," a viewing mode that lets you watch videos on the site alongside the rapper himself. Starting today, users will notice a tiny profile of Snoop's head in the button bar. Clicking it will immediately launch a 360-degree viewing experience with the West Coast icon.

"We originally wanted the 'Gin & Juice' video to be in 360, but the technology wasn't there yet," he explained in a video. "So I coded the hell out of this software to get me up in there."

Reportedly rising to become a leader of the development team, Snoop was a part of everything from design to user testing. 

"We thought his involvement would be limited to a few recording sessions," said 360 product manager Preeya Khanna. "But somehow, some way he kept coming up with these groundbreaking ideas like every single day."

Watch the introductory video to Snoopavision and test it yourself change your life by watching videos in the embedded playlist below.