Yonas Michael "Blessed"

Yonas Michael "Blessed"
Yonas Michael is gearing up to release his latest LP Black Swan Theory, but before the album drops, Exclaim.ca has got the exclusive premiere of new track "Blessed."
Formerly known as Y-O as part of hip-hop duo U-N-I, Michael gained a reputation as the group's Andre 3000 for his "adoration for a vast spectrum of music and avant-garde style." He shows off his eclectic taste on "Blessed," utilizing old-school soul samples infused with a healthy dose of bass and organs.
In a statement, Michael shared the mantra behind his upcoming album:
A Black Swan fits a tight gene bracket and is revolutionary. My music-theory is what surprises my audience and will later be rationalized in hindsight. Look at the Wright Brothers, they are Black Swans. Before airplanes existed they had the idea of what is today's number one mode of transportation. Obama is a Black Swan, becoming the first African-American President. They say winners never quit and quitters never win, thru all of my obstacles and victories I will lead you with the best music pushing boundaries. My purpose is not to compete, but to make competition irrelevant.
You can hear his efforts to stave off the musical competition by streaming or downloading "Blessed" in the player below.