Yoko Ono Announces Collaborative 10-Inches with Antony and John Zorn

Yoko Ono Announces Collaborative 10-Inches with Antony and John Zorn
Although Yoko Ono is in her 80s, the experimental artist continues to stay youthful by taking on new projects with a range of collaborators. Most recently, Ono has announced that she has teamed up with singer Antony Hegarty and saxophonist John Zorn on a couple of single-sided 10-inches. These are due out on February 18 through Chimera.

One of the 10-inches is called Antony & Yoko and — surprise, surprise — it features a studio collaboration with the singer of Antony and the Johnsons. They duet on "I Love You Earth," while Antony offers up a solo version of Ono's "I'm Going Away Smiling." These tunes are performed with an accompanying pianist, and proceeds will go to charity.

The other single is called logically titled Yoko Ono & John Zorn. It contains a live improv piece called "Blink" from November 2012. The money raised by this disc will benefit Zorn's non-profit performance space the Stone, located in New York.

On the blank B-side, both 10-inches will feature an etching by Ono. Not coincidentally, these records will be out on Ono's 82nd birthday. They're each limited to 1,000 copies.

Watch footage of some of the music contained on these 10-inches below. The records can be ordered from Chimera's store.

In related news, Pitchfork points out that a new book called See Hear Yoko will be published on February 17 by Harper. This combines portraits by rock photographer Bob Gruen with Ono's interviews with journalist Jody Denberg. It's available to order on Amazon.

Antony & Yoko:

1. Antony Hegarty & Yoko Ono - "I Love You Earth"
2. Antony Hegarty - "I'm Going Away Smiling"

Yoko Ono & John Zorn:

1. Yoko Ono & John Zorn - "Blink"