Yo La Tengo Scores Score Release

Yo La Tengo Scores Score Release
It’s no secret Yo La Tengo like to score. Over the years, the New Jersey vets have been involved in a hefty chunk of film projects, laying down tracks for several directors looking to give their flick a bit more indie cred. Well, now Yo La Tengo are gathering a bunch of their soundtrack work and pressing it up as They Shoot, We Score, an hour-long comp that features 27 tracks, 26 of which have been previously unreleased.

The collection gathers up various tracks — plus outtakes — from the motion pictures Game 6, Junebug, Old Joy and Shortbus and will be released on CD and as a digital download September 5 by the band themselves. Each copy will come with an eight page booklet featuring film posters from around the world and come boasting four different front covers.

But as Yo La Tengo says on their website, "Don't collect them all, and don't ask for a specific one — they will be sent out according to a random-number generator by our blindfolded mail-order crew.”

The band are now accepting pre-orders for They Shoot, We Score on their website. Here is the tracklisting:

1. "Leaving Home” (from Old Joy)
2. "Getting Lost” (from Old Joy)
3. "Path to Springs” (from Old Joy)
4. "Driving Home” (from Old Joy)
5. "Leaving Home” (alternate version) (from Old Joy)
6. "Old Joy: End Credits” (from Old Joy)
7. "Ashley” (from Junebug)
8. "Meerkats” (from Junebug)
9. "Madeline” (from Junebug)
10. "A Roomful of Ladies” (outtake) (from Junebug)
11. "David Wark” (from Junebug)
12. "Aftermath” (outtake) (from Junebug)
13. "George” (from Junebug)
14. "This Could Be It” (from Game 6)
15. "The Phantom Who Haunts Broadway” (from Game 6)
16. "Game Time” (from Game 6)
17. "Pharaoh Blues” (from Game 6)
18. "Zoo Chant” (from Game 6)
19. "Love Chant” (from Game 6)
20. "Asbestos” (from Game 6)
21. "Return of the Pharaoh” (from Game 6)
22. "Spec Bebop” (from Game 6)
23. "Buckner's Boner” (from Game 6)
24. "Isolation Tank” (from Shortbus)
25. "Panic in Central Park” (outtake) (from Shortbus)
26. "Panic in Central Park” (from Shortbus)
27."”Wizard's Sleeve” (from Shortbus)

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