The Yips

House of TARG, Ottawa ON, February 3

The YipsHouse of TARG, Ottawa ON, February 3
Photo: Calum Slingerland
As the Yips continue to lay claim to being one of Ottawa's better live acts, no one has come forward with a solid explanation as to what their self-described "Ouija rock" actually means. Perhaps it shouldn't matter at this point, as the five-piece let their driving, distorted sounds do the talking to a packed crowd at House of TARG. It didn't take much longer than two songs into the set for the small basement venue to reach close to sauna temperatures, brought on by the heavy garage rock riffing taking place on stage.
Vocalist Kerri Carisse led the charge with her powerful vocals, shifting her impressive range around in effortless fashion on cuts such as "Repeater" and "Sadie" from 2014's AIR LOOM. Further bolstered by an incredibly tight rhythm section of Jon Bennett's frenetic drums and Kurt Rafuse's steady bass lines, in addition to the twin guitar attack of Zach Lebert and Jon Schofield, the performance reassured those in attendance that the group is a force be reckoned wit, however you want to classify them.
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