The Yes Pleases From Whence It Came

The Yes Pleases' From Whence It Came sounds like it was recorded in a ballroom: it's expansive, passive-aggressive and totally reminiscent of '90s alt-rock, which is appropriate, considering the band are based in '90s rock haven Seattle. They've appropriated distortion and whiny, epic vocals that are basically seamless. Still, Whence is not full-blown in its alliance to alternative rock; the Yes Pleases definitely enjoy pop music, as evidenced by the abundance of major chord progressions on the record, coupled with melodic hooks and vaguely operatic singing-style. They're kind of like a Smashing Pumpkins spin-off band, if a Smashing Pumpkins spin-off band were making humble rock music that was really excellent. From Whence It Came is a worthwhile album from a little band of Seattleites that have an exciting future in the neo-grunge, lo-fi scene. (Elitist Lowbrow)