Yelle Complètement Fou

YelleComplètement Fou
When it was announced that Dr. Luke was suddenly involved in producing Yelle's third studio album, and that consequently he'd be releasing it on his Kemosabe Records imprint, there was a collective groan between fans of the French trio. Yelle have famously rejected collaborations and any talk of recording in English, to the point of releasing their sophomore album on their own imprint at Barclay Records. Thankfully, it would seem that Yelle have rubbed off on Dr. Luke's arsenal of producers instead of the other way around. Julie Budet, GrandMarnier and Tepr have pretty much retained their recording formula, writing once again entirely in French and producing the bulk of the album, which was then sent to Dr. Luke and co. to add some good old polish and shine.

Not necessarily averse to outside help, and having tested the collaboration waters with 2011's fantastic Safari Disco Club (on which the trio enlisted the help of German electronic wunderkind Siriusmo), Yelle were in a good position to accept help without compromising their sound. It was Dr. Luke who reached out to the trio, having heard their remix of Katy Perry's "Hot n' Cold" and having seen them perform in L.A., offering his help in any way he could; and if that means a bigger profile stateside, then all the better. Complètement Fou retains pretty much everything you've come to love in their two previous offerings and rarely falters: only a few missteps linger, notably the sugary and borderline twee "Florence En Italie" and the ill-advised two-parter "Nuit De Baise I" and "Nuit De Baise II." Otherwise, Complètement Fou is filled to the brim with catchy electro-pop tracks about shaking your hips, going crazy and road trips, culminating with first single and appropriately titled "Bouquet Final."

So while the prospect of an Americanized version of the French trio was enough to make any fan nervous, you need only look at the album cover, with Budet's face peering out of a sea of blue popcorn, to realize that all is well in the world of Yelle. (Kemosabe)