Yeasayer Working on "Demented R&B Record"

Yeasayer Working on "Demented R&B Record"
Now that we've had more than a year and a half to digest 2010's Odd Blood, New York-based experimental rockers Yeasayer are hard at work on the follow-up. They're currently recording the as-yet-untitled third album in a Brooklyn studio, with a projected release date of spring or summer 2012.

Singer-keyboardist Chris Keating recently spoke with Spin about the band's progress, saying, "It's like a demented R&B record. It's like an Aaliyah album if you played it backwards and slowed it down. Or David Bowie's Lodger. Those two are major influences."

He added that the band are "trying to get back to the roots of the music that we like. We're asking ourselves, 'How do four white dudes in Brooklyn write a reggae song that's not cheesy?' Or, 'How do we write an R&B song but inject your own personality into it by fucking up all the sounds?'" To help achieve a new sonic style, Guitarist Anand Wilder has been working with a sequencer.

Yeasayer have more than 22 songs in the works, and they're even considering turning the sessions into two LPs: one a "real album with three-and-a-half to four-minute pop songs" and the other an internet-only collection that's "more like a soundtrack." The former will contain "some bangers but we're really trying to get away from all this David Guetta bullshit, this club-influenced hip-hop and this Ibiza techno stomp"

As for the lyrical content, Keating said that, while Odd Blood was heavy on love songs, he has begun "writing from a more depressing and darker perspective," inspired by "a lot of shitty things going on in the world lately."

There's no word as to whether either of the upcoming records will contain "The Devil and the Deed," the new song that Yeasayer premiered on Conan last year. Watch that performance below.

Yeasayer ; Devil and the Deed @ Conan 2011 by danydance30