Yayhoos Fear Not The Obvious

Despite three solid albums, the Georgia Satellites will now forever be remembered as a one hit wonder. However, I remain a staunch supporter of leader Dan Baird as being one of the more wickedly sly songwriters and guitarists America has produced in the last ten years or so. His last solo album, Buffalo Nickel, was criminally ignored, but thankfully he's returned as part of this similarly-styled super-group, co-fronted by fellow Southern rock journeyman Eric "Roscoe" Ambel, last seen as a member of Steve Earle's Dukes. Although by their very nature the Yayhoos will probably also be written off as, well, yayhoos, Fear Not The Obvious is the shot of pure old school rock'n'roll that no self-respecting Stones fan should be without. There isn't a hint of pretension, but plenty of Baird's trademark Southern-fried wit, which, like the Satellites' work, may make this album a guilty pleasure for some. Yet there probably isn't another band in the U.S. right now as serious about making this kind of music. It's actually a little unnerving how easily Baird and Ambel are able to update the classic Faces vibe when contemporaries like the Black Crowes seem to labour over it. Even a piss-take of "Dancing Queen" comes off as convincing. Highly recommended to anyone who's lost faith in rock'n'roll. (Bloodshot)