Yattering Live Extermination

One of Poland’s finest death metal bands, Yattering has always relied on technical playing to stand above their peers. However, on this live disc, the technical wizardry becomes quite lost in the muddy production, making the band sound like little more than a generic death metal act. Pretty fun to hear the band cover Slayer’s "Dittohead” and the mighty Brutal Truth’s "Ill Neglect” in Polish, but something gets lost in the translation and even those songs blend into the swamp that is this live album. The result is oddly unimpressive for a band and label that usually deliver the goods in a satisfying way. But let this serve as a reminder to check out this impressive act’s studio albums — if you can find them — as they are one of the best technical death metal bands around today. But don’t worry too much about this live release. Man, live releases have really worn out their welcome, wouldn’t you say? (Metal Mind)