Yattering Genocide

Poland's zaniest are back with their third platter of unruly grindcore mayhem, and their most ambitious album to date. Genocide carries on the fine Yattering tradition of completely decimating the rulebook, and while previous albums were excellent yet hard to warm up to for various undefined reasons, they've finally hit the nail on the head here. With a sound that would fit right in on the Relapse Records roster, Yattering combine blistering death metal with hilarious technical flourishes and mind-funking production trickery. Contemporaries could be Cephalic Carnage, Cryptopsy or fellow countrymen/mind-blowers Decapitated, but Yattering are honestly in a realm of their own now, isolated by their own excellence, intimidating and prickly, yet nothin' but a good time for progressive grindcore enthusiasts. (Candlelight)