Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Island Stage, Guelph ON, July 27

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan Island Stage, Guelph ON, July 27
Photo: Matt Bobkin
Toronto-via-Montreal "Noh-wavers" Yamantaka // Sonic Titan are another fine example of how Hillside has diversified its musical line-up over the festival's 30-year run. Pulling from prog, metal, J-pop and Chinese opera influences, then blending in a theatrical stage show, the former Polaris Music Prize nominees definitely didn't sound like anything else at Guelph Lake this weekend.

Taking the stage in elaborate face make-up and clad all in black, the five-piece pummelled through tracks from their self-titled debut. While everyone seemed on point, co-singer Ange Loft stole the show. Her vocals — ranging from banshee wails to guttural screams — were impossible to ignore, and she helped out with added percussion, as well. For the finale, she left the stage and wandered through the crowd for a solid few minutes, popping up somewhere else every few seconds, with the tambourine beat still intact. It was a dramatic and visually stunning performance, especially for the early afternoon timeslot.

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