Yacht Club

The Artery, Edmonton ON, October 10

Yacht ClubThe Artery, Edmonton ON, October 10
Photo: Heiko Ryll
As just a duo, Yacht Club struggled to make an impact. It wasn't as if the music was the problem here — their take on '80s-indebted soft dance pop wasn't out of step on a bill featuring Homeshake and Physical Copies, yet there was a confused air about them, as if they quite hadn't figured out how to transition Yacht Club from a studio entity onto the live stage. Despite having one of Canada's most versatile frontmen in Ben Cook, Yacht Club came across as more aloof than engaging and it's a shame — hearing tracks from Burnt Cream showcased their ability to create highly sensual pop. By all accounts, this should have been their night for the taking.

Their decision to dim the lights and cast the Artery in a hue of crimson red was a respectful one and it did wonders for making their stage setup feel more appropriate. Yet one could not tell if their other attempts to connect with the audience were lost in translation.
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