YACHT Announce New LP Via Google Maps

YACHT Announce New LP Via Google Maps
Here's something for YACHT fans look forward to. With the use of a billboard and some Google Maps coordinates, the Los Angeles-based electro-pop outfit have announced their first official full-length in four years. Though an exact due date has yet to be delivered, their I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler lands this September, via Downtown Records.

Earlier today (July 29), the band sent out a cryptic tweet stating "We made a new album & this is what it's called." A link was proffered, which reroutes browsers to a map of Southern California on which a virtual pin was placed just off of the corner of N Sycamore Ave and  Santa Monica Blvd.

Shortly thereafter, a trailer for the set was delivered, which shows the outfit giving us a friendly wave as they stand beneath a billboard emblazoned with the message/album title, "I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler."

A statement from the band adds that the new record "contains some speculations about the future that are big and distant as science fiction stories." Though a tracklisting has yet to be revealed, a bit of new music was unveiled in the video.

You'll find the clip, as well as YACHT's statement in full, down below.

YACHT's last LP was 2011's Shangri-La.

The future is an impossible goal. It's something we chase after, believing in an illusion of control. That isn't to say our actions don't affect what the future is like— in our case, hot, dry, loud, unjust—but that once we catch up to yesterday's future, it's no longer what we imagined. It's just the present all over again. And so on.

We've made an album about that. It contains some speculations about the future that are big and distant as science fiction stories. But it's also about looking carefully at the world around us and trying to understand what we've done with the imaginations of those who came before us. Would they believe it?

We live in a complex moment. There seem to be networks at every level of reality; as with all our technologies, we can't keep ourselves from grabbing them, turning them around, and using them as a mirror. Every person is a node. Our technological economy is full of entities selling our own lives back to us. It's easy to feel disillusioned, if only it wasn't all so funny sometimes.