The xx "Fiction" (Maya Jane Coles remix)

The xx 'Fiction' (Maya Jane Coles remix)
This week, the XX are playing in Toronto and Montreal with Grizzly Bear, and the beloved British minimalists have shared a new treat with fans in the form of a remix of their song "Fiction" by UK house producer Maya Jane Coles.

The original version of "Fiction" appeared on last years Coexist. This remix makes the haunting, nocturnal soundscape a little denser, while the rhythmic pulse means that this is a fitting soundtrack for a downtempo dance party. The accompanying visuals show liquified, metallic-looking colours, much like we've seen on other tracks by the XX.

The Toronto and Montreal gigs on are June 6 and 7, respectively. See the XX's live schedule with Grizzly Bear here. The XX also recently announced they will play the London, UK edition of the Night + Day festival on June 22.