Xray Eyeballs "Crystal" (video) (NSFW)

Xray Eyeballs 'Crystal' (video) (NSFW)
If you're a fan of blood, barf and bare breasts -- and, really, who isn't? -- then get a load of Brooklyn, NY-based garage goths Xray Eyeballs' latest video. "Crystal" kicks off with a guy ralphing in a screen-printing shop before recapping the events that led him to his predicament. It shows a leather-clad rocker pilfering a vinyl platter from the hands of a woman at a local record store, which sure seemed to piss her off just right.

She gets her revenge by having a sudsy bubble bath with a voodoo doll of the dude, not to mention another soapy seductress, and proceeds to wallop the shit out of his likeness. She punches it, tosses it into the tub and hangs it from a string, and each action plays out in real time, making the guy's life a total wreck. He slits his throat and plants a switchblade in his stomach by song's end. Lesson learned: don't buy records. Ever.

By the way, Xray Eyeballs' new album comes out April 19 on Kanine Records. Be careful how you grab it, dawgs.

Xray Eyeballs "Crystal" from Painless Surgery on Vimeo.