XL Recordings Releases Statement on Jai Paul's Album Leak

XL Recordings Releases Statement on Jai Paul's Album Leak
When beatmaker Jai Paul envisioned his debut album, this probably isn't what he had in mind. Although an album's worth of songs went up on Bandcamp this past weekend, Paul quickly issued a statement saying that these were demos and that he wasn't responsible for their release. Now, XL Recordings has followed this up with an official statement confirming that this was an unsanctioned leak.

The statement is as follows:

As widely reported, on Sunday 14th April, music by XL Recordings artist Jai Paul was illegally made available via a fake Bandcamp account. This music was not uploaded by Jai and it's not his debut album — it is a collection of various unfinished recordings from Jai's past.

Neither XL or Jai will take any money from the sale of this music. We have been working with Bandcamp and PayPal to resolve this situation and they have told us all purchases will be refunded within the next 7 days.

This is good news for anyone who purchased the album, since the money will apparently be returned. Unfortunately, the statement doesn't shed any more light as when the elusive Brit will release a proper album.

Although initial reports suggested that the album was authentic, Paul tweeted on Monday (April 15), "To confirm: demos on bandcamp were not uploaded by me, this is not my debut album. Please don't buy. Statement to follow later. Thanks, Jai."