X Marks The Pedwalk Retrospective 88-99

For those unfamiliar with X Marks The Pedwalk, this album is pretty much all you would need to start enjoying their bouncing electronic beats. Musicians Sevren Ni-Arb’s and Raive Yarx’s music has spanned many musical genres in 11 years, going from harsh industrial-electronica beats to main stream Depeche Mode techno. While this might be hard for some children of the night to grasp or enjoy all the way through, those dedicated fans will appreciate having an album that shows the band’s progression. Collecting the best from their twelve inches (whatever they are), LPs (huh?) and CDs, this greatest hit package will rock your ass. The distant unemotional rhythms caress each song lovingly and not one is a has been. “Abbatoir” (Razormaid Mix), has elements of industrial and electronica ripping all the way through it. This would later be improved on “Wipe No Tears” and “I Promise You a Murder.” The latter song is much darker and morbid than the others, containing more of an industrial rhythm while “Wipe No Tears” is faster gothtronica that rips the BPM off the charts. While some of “retrospective” sounds dated, like “Facer,” the album is still heavily worthwhile as the cold electronica beats still have dancing rhythms that fit right in with today’s lighter goth dance tunes. (Metropolis)