WU LYF Gobi Tent, Indio CA April 13

WU LYFGobi Tent, Indio CA April 13
They might have been one of the lesser-known bands on the bill, but Manchester, England rockers WU LYF had one of the biggest coming-out performances at Coachella. This was thanks largely in part to lead singer Ellery Roberts, a charismatic frontman with a self-deprecating sense of humour and a raspy grunt that has evoked comparisons from a feral animal to Tom Waits. Surprisingly enough, songs from the band's darkly atmospheric debut album, Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, translated quite well to the outdoor setting. After poking fun at the festival's heavy frat boy attendance (alternatively referred to as "Brochella"), the band ended their set with "We Bros," a cathartic six-minute song that inspired a spirited mosh pit to break out.