Wu-Tang Clan Looking for Unpaid Intern

Wu-Tang Clan Looking for Unpaid Intern
For those looking to break into the rap music business, we've got both good news and bad news. The good news is that Wu-Tang Clan's management are looking to take on a new employee; the bad news is that the position won't pay a dime.

Wu-Tang's management put up an advertisement on Craigslist calling for someone to fill the position of "Social Network Manager," which is an awfully fancy title for someone who won't be getting a paycheque and is essentially an intern. In other words, if cash rules everything around you, this job isn't for you.

According to the ad, whoever fills the position will be required to "set appointed times thorough the day to do social media updates and stay consistent with posts." Ideally, he or she will be able to take pictures at events and post them on social media (these events will presumably be in and around New York, since the post appeared in Craiglist's Brooklyn listings). On the bright side, this sounds slightly more interesting than stereotypical intern tasks like coffee runs.

It's not clear whether this position will put applicants in direct contact with any of the rappers or if it exclusively involves management; this is affiliated with the social network wu.world.com.

Check out the ad here.

As previously reported, the group have Canadian shows coming up this summer. You'll find the show specifics over here.