WTF: Steve Albini Has a Cooking Blog

WTF: Steve Albini Has a Cooking Blog
We've heard some serious ranting from celebrated producer/Shellac member Steve Albini over the years, from revealing the wackness of the major label construct to dissing his Sonic Youth buddies for selling out the scene. But did anyone ever expect to read about the dude chewing out a fine plate of pasta? It turns out the famously grouchy rocker has been spending his spare time whipping up food reviews for a new blog.

Albini's latest artistic venture, Mariobatalivoice, finds the indie icon dishing the deets on his daily meals. You'll find out about the foodie's recent activities, from pairing the "unusual" trottoli pasta with a chunky sauce, to preparing homemade bulgur peanut kimchi spring rolls for his poker buddies to realizing that making soup in the olden days probably sucked.

"How did people make soup before stick blenders?" he writes in a post on tomato ditalini soup. "They are the absolute stone cold nuts. You can fuck up a soup real bad and a stick blender will totally make it presentable. Having a stick blender is like a cheat code for Call Of Duty: Soup."

It's a fun read, and maybe the DIY legend's delectable experiments will inspire us to get off our fat asses and make a meal for once.

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