WTF: Michael Jackson's Hair Turned into Roulette Ball

WTF: Michael Jackson's Hair Turned into Roulette Ball
The story of the late Michael Jackson continues to get sadder and stranger with news that some of the King of Pop's hair is being transformed into a roulette ball. If that doesn't make you squeamish enough, a press release from Online Gambling Pal, who obtained the hair via an auction, is claiming that the item will "ensure Michael Jackson continues to rock and 'ROLL' forever." Gross.

The sample of hair, which sold for $10,871 U.S. at auction last Saturday (December 10), was collected at New York's Carlyle Hotel when Jackson was staying there for a charity event.

"As its proud new owners, we have decided to convert Michael Jackson's hair into a roulette ball -- an appropriately unique way to immortalize a small part of a truly peerless entertainer," the company said in a statement.

The ball is apparently being made to the "highest professional standards" so that it can be played on any licensed casino table, and Online Gambling Pal is hoping to rent it out to any such establishment that is interested in dropping the dead singer's DNA on their property.

What's unclear is just how they'll be presenting the ball. Will the hair be encased inside a standard roulette ball? Will it be lacquered and shaped? Either way, file this one, along with that recently proposed deathbed auction (which, by the way, was yanked at the last minute), as another uncomfortable entry into the deceased singer's ongoing saga.