WTF? Kanye West Is Working at the Gap?

WTF? Kanye West Is Working at the Gap?
It appears that the career of Kanye West has gone full circle.

In the stand-out track "Spaceship" on his career-defining debut, Kanye spoke of the horrendous experience he had working at the Gap, rapping, "Let's go back, back to the Gap / Look at my cheque, wasn't no scratch / So if I stole, wasn't my fault / Yeah I stole, never got caught / They take me to the back and pat me / Askin' me about some khakis / But let some black people walk in / I bet they show off their token blackie."

Pretty serious, right? Well, now the rumours are flying that he's secretly back at his old retail job and has been working late nights as an intern for the Gap.

The news was initially reported by Us Weekly, who wrote, "He works all the time, and one Friday night recently, he stayed until 12 a.m. He's learning the fashion business from the inside and trying to do it quietly."

Now, fashion blog Stylelist [via The Daily Swarm ] has seemingly confirmed that Yeezy has been pulling some late shifts with the middle-class clothing giant.

"Kanye's been spending time working in Gap's offices, working with [designer] Patrick Robinson, as he's interested in gaining more firsthand experience of the fashion industry," a Gap source told the website.

If by "fashion industry" they mean the shitty business-casual attire your aging boss sports on Fridays, then Kanye is most definitely in the right place.