WTF: Famed Vegan Ian MacKaye Honoured with Beef Burger

WTF: Famed Vegan Ian MacKaye Honoured with Beef Burger
Washington, DC restaurant Satellite Room has just launched a new menu with burgers named after various celebrities with local connections, and this includes Fugazi/Minor Threat leader Ian MacKaye. Pretty cool, right? There's just one problem: MacKaye is a longtime vegan, and this burger is anything but.

The $11 burger is a six-ounce beef patty with chicken liver mousse, pickled daikon and carrot, and cilantro aioli on a banh-mi bun. To make your experience extra un-vegan, an egg can be added for $1.

The Washington Post asked the straight-edge icon what he thinks of being named after such a meaty burger. "I've never been to [Satellite Room] (in fact, never really heard of it) and wasn't aware that there was a sandwich bearing my name being offered until yesterday," he said. "[I] would hope that regardless if it bears my name or someone else's, that they have at least one vegan option!"

It is possible to swap out the beef patty for one made with black beans, although this is vegetarian rather than vegan — and that's to say nothing of the chicken liver and aioli. A restaurant spokesperson explained that there's no thematic reasoning for how most of their celebrity tribute burgers are assigned, so evidently this isn't a dig against MacKaye's vegan diet. The menu debuted today (September 5).

Glancing over the menu, it appears that the only vegan options are the grilled peanut butter sandwich (assuming that they don't grill it with butter or lard) and the standard diner salad, along with a few sides (toast, fries, onion rings, etc.).

Other musicians with their own burgers at Satellite Room include Dave Grohl, Henry Rollins, Joan Jett, Chuck Brown, Donald Byrd and Kenny G. The photo above shows (clockwise from the top) the Chuck Brown, the Joan Jett, the Henry Rollins and the Kenny G.

Below, listen to MacKaye's thoughts on vegetarianism from the film EDGE below.