WTF: Duplass Brothers Working on 'Pitchfork' the Movie?

WTF: Duplass Brothers Working on 'Pitchfork' the Movie?
Remember how we all laughed when it was announced that there would be a Facebook movie hitting theatres? Well, considering the success of The Social Network, scriptwriters worldwide are combing the world wide web for more online inspiration. The latest site to get the big screen treatment will apparently be influential music blog Pitchfork.

Writers Mark and Jay Duplass (Cyrus, Puffy Chair) are reportedly shopping around a treatment called, what else, Pitchfork, to some major Hollywood studios.

According to the L.A. Times, the film is a thriller that centres on a middle-aged mother of a deceased indie rocker looking for revenge on a smack-talking blogger from the website. Things get a little complicated for the woman, however, when she discovers the writer's a teenager.

The Duplass brothers have high hopes for the film, reportedly seeking legendary screenstress Susan Sarandon for the role of the mother and comedic cherub Jonah Hill, whom the pair worked with on Cyrus, as the blogger.

Pitchfork has yet to make a comment on the film, but we're wondering, if the project gets the green light, whether the site will give the flick its prestigious 10.0, or at the very least rate it as a BNF.