WTF: Arcade Fire's Win Butler Interviews 'True Blood' Star Alexander Skarsgård

WTF: Arcade Fire's Win Butler Interviews 'True Blood' Star Alexander Skarsgård
Arcade Fire main man Win Butler may have sung about the threat of businessmen sucking his blood on The Suburbs highlight "Ready to Start," but the singer had no problems speaking with another plasma fiend recently: True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård. Flexing his journo skills, the indie frontman called the actor recently to interview him about his role as the millennium-old Viking vampire Eric Northman on the popular HBO series.

The talk, which was conducted for Interview, reveals that Butler is a bit of a True Blood fanboy. At one point, he even asks Skarsgård not to reveal any secrets about the show's upcoming season. While the two related to each other on Creole culture -- True Blood takes place in Louisiana and Butler's wife and Arcade Fire multi-instrumentalist, Regine Chassagne, grew up in Haiti -- things got a bit juicier once they honed in on some bloodlust, namely the regular medieval cos-play that goes on at Mount Royal Park in Montreal.

Here's an excerpt:

Butler: Oh, yeah -- on the mountain. Well, we call it a mountain, but it's really a hill. It's called the Mount Royal Park. Every Sunday, they have kids who do sword-fighting reenactments. They dress up in medieval clothes and do battle with each other. It's like the most quintessentially Montreal thing I've ever seen -- super-sweet and kind of embarrassing. If you ever come, I'll take you. You can put on your full vampire regalia, and then we can do a vampire attack on the medieval fighters.

Skarsgård: Awesome, because I do bring that stuff with me everywhere. I always have a carry-on bag with my rubber fangs and my black cape.

Regrettably, there's no word yet on whether or yet Skarsgård will indeed take Butler up on his invitation to join the, uh, "Suburban War."

You can read the entire interview here.