Wretch Like Me Calling All Cars

With their 1997 debut, New Ways to Fall, Wretch Like Me delivered one of the most visionary, full-on, no-nonsense punk rock records of the last decade. With this sophomore effort they've actually outdone themselves. Under the driving guidance of vocalist Abe Brennan and guitarist Trevor Lanigan (both formerly of the late, great My Name) with able assistance from guitarist Roy Anderson, bassist Jeff Matz and drummer Jason Livermore, WLM are on a mission to redefine rock. The 15 tracks on this record capture all that can be daring and dangerous about music with an ear-shattering intensity that is rarely found on studio albums. From the opening drive of "Things Wrong," through the contemptuous venom of "Rock Against You" and the straight-forward message of "Never Turn Your Back on Rock and Roll" and "MRR," which both celebrate what it means to be in a band, the disc gets you in a submission chokehold early and refuses to let go. Even a more introspective song like the tribute to a friend, "Tom Phillips," rocks hard, driven more by anguish than amplifiers. Of course this shouldn't come as a big surprise given that in their previous band, Brennan and Lanigan wrote a song called "Fuck, Man I Came Here to Rock" that pretty much sums up their approach to their art. For anyone that's losing faith in the grand religion of rock and roll, kneel down before the altar of Wretch Like Me and meet the new saviours. (Owned and Operated)