Woven Hand Woven Hand

This solo project from 16 Horsepower leader David Eugene Edwards leaves little doubt that, while he still may be a well-known believer in God, that God is the vengeful one of the Old Testament, and nothing like the one Creed worships. Of course, this has always been a big part of 16 Horsepower’s Southern gothic balladry as well, but on his own here Edwards gets more musically diverse, creating chilling textures as a backdrop to his equally chilling tales of spiritual emptiness. "I am nothing without his ghost within,” Edwards sings on opener "The Good Hand,” in a way that can instantly cause you to question your own moral fibre. Then later, a cover of Bill Withers’ "Ain’t No Sunshine” strips the soul classic to its bones, leaving only its bleak core message intact over an Appalachian funeral march. Edwards may not possess the storytelling ability of someone mining the same vein, like Nick Cave, but his rich, deep voice has developed into the perfect vehicle with which to deliver these ten disturbing missives. Woven Hand is not for the faint of heart, but beautiful in its own dark way. (Sounds Familyre)